References and testimonials straight from your customer to your website

References and testimonials give customers confidence to buy

References and testimonials from happy customers act as a powerful endorsement of your business, and give prospective customers confidence to buy. We help you generate references and testimonials so you can expand your business.

We make it easy for you to put customer references on your website

We help you ask the right questions. We make it easy for your customer to reply, and we remind you to keep them updated and relevant.

Putting testimonials on your website helps you to win more business

We help you display them easily and effectively on your own website. You control how they look so they match the design of your website and work for you.

Six Steps To Your First Reference

  • 1

    Select a client to ask for a reference. You just need their name and email address.

    You can show as many references as you wish.

  • 2

    Choose three questions from our drop-down list and send them off.

  • 3

    The client sends their answers back.

    If the client forgets to reply, we can send them a gentle reminder. No more embarrassing conversations.

  • 4

    With these answers, you write your reference. You will be able to see in advance how it will look on your website.

    You can show or unshow your references at any time. You are in complete control.

  • 5

    Send the reference to the client for approval

    All the communication with your client happens via our platform.

  • 6

    If the client says "Yes", Appruvo automatically uploads it to your website

    You can manually add references you have already received and show them as well.

Some examples of Appruvo at work

You have to put a widget on your site where you can show your references. We make it easy for your webmaster to do this for you. You control how the widget looks, so it matches your website design

References from some of our happy users

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