At Appruvo we believe that great customer service is the hallmark of every successful business.

We also believe that references and testimonials from satisfied customers are an extremely effective tool to help win new business. They give independent validation and give confidence to any company looking for a new supplier.

However, acquiring a reference from a customer can be a difficult process. Do I send an email or shall I call them? Am I simply adding to their already busy day? If they forget, how do I remind them without becoming a nuisance? If I do receive a testimonial, is there an easy way to put it on the homepage of my website, where it should be, helping me to attract new business?

And for the referee it can also be a troublesome experience. What shall I say? It is a task that is easily forgotten during a busy day.

We believe that we have found a way to make the process much easier for both sides.

Give us a try! This is the beta version of the site, and we have some great new features and benefits in the pipeline. We aim to build a community which will help companies win new business and find new business partners.

Please Contact Us to let us know what you think. We are based in London and we would love to hear from you.

The Appruvo Team